What's cookin' in Provence?

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How Provence cooking is different from general French cuisine?

What's cookin' in Provence?

French cuisine in Provence is very distinctive due to Mediterranean influence: recipes are spicier and seafood is being used more often. Provencal cooking uses very little of regular diary, instead goat cheeses are dominant. Garlic, olive oil, olives and "herbes de Provenceare" are the leitmotif.

Most of the salads are big enough to be a meal. Only the smallest salads on menus, a "salade verte" (lettuce) "salade mixte" (lettuce and tomatoes) is intended only as an appetizers. Lettuce salads with white goat cheese are served hot on toast or croutons.

Soupe de Poissons (fish soup) served steaming hot in a tureen can be rather expensive but it's worth the price. Other seafood dishes in Provence include but of course are not limited to:

Filet de Loup de Mer - sea bass is pan-seared skin side down until blackened. Served over a mushroom, garlic and parsley with a basil pesto.

Rougets grilles au Pastis - red mullet with an anise sauce served with baked garlic cloves.

Moules Marinieres - mussels steamed in dry white wine and onion, lemon, butter, parsley, and pepper.



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