Fromage Is French For Cheese

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Why are French cheeses made from raw milk?

Fromage Is French For Cheese

There are above 400 sorts of cheese in France. They can be made of caw, goat, or sheep milk, with or with pasteurization -- but more often than not, without. This means that the milk was not heated over 37°C. "This way, it keeps all its properties, although lose certain pathogenic bacteria which can prove dangerous for human beings", the International Cheese Institute explains.

The milk used to make pasteurised cheese is heated up to 72°C, for 20 to 30 seconds, which kill any harmful bacteria. Then, a pure culture of lactic bacteria are added. "Is it a crime to take the main bacteria out of milk and to replace them by others, which are selected and standardised in laboratories? Is it a good thing to add to this milk other synthetic ingredients?" asked Pierre Androuet, a famous creamery owner in Paris, long time ago. His question has not been answered yet.



5/28/2007 7:10:17 AM
Unapar said:

The immune system is strengthened by intestinal bacteria from live yoghurt & unpasteurised cheese so there are health benefits in the unpasteurised route. A small percentage may be affected by unpasteurised cheese but in that case state on the label clearly whether pasteurised or unpasteurised milk has been used


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