Fricassée: Chicken, Fish, Or Clam

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What is Fricassée?

Fricassée: Chicken, Fish, Or Clam

Fricassée is French stew of poultry, game, or seafood, which are first fried in butter, then stewed with mushrooms, white wine, egg yolks, heavy cream, and vegetables. For example, a basic Chicken Fricassée recipe calls for:

1 Chicken
1 Onion
1 oz butter
2 tb flour
3 cups chicken bouillon or stock
1 cup dry white wine
1 parsley sprigs
1/2 lb mushrooms
2 egg yolks
1/2 cup whipping cream
Lemon juice
Salt, black pepper

Fish Fricassée ingredients:

500g fish fillet
250ml white wine
500ml beef broth
3 leek leaves
100ml oil
Salt, coriander, pepper, Liebstoeckl, Oregano

of Clams Instructions:

Clean one pint clams, finely chop hard portions and reserve soft portions. Melt two tablespoons butter, add chopped clams, two tablespoons flour, and pour on gradually one-third cup cream. Strain sauce, add soft part of clams, cook one minute, season with salt and cayenne, and add yolk of one egg slightly beaten.



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